So I have been reading a lot of the comic Robot Hugs and it has gotten me thinking about the complexity that is me/ my life. One post that really stood out for me was Identity Shift and I can relate to it very well in my own path to finding myself. I mean I’ve been a fur, a androgyne,a trans man and just plain royally confused. Right now I’m a tom boy, I guess… (is that a title?) or someone who is mostly feminine on the outside but mostly a guy underneath. Ah well things change and even though as an Aspie it is hard for me to deal with as such…. I’m slowly coming to terms with it.
Similar things have been happening in my dynamic. My Master is gender non-conforming too,but more femme (but born male) and when he’s at his girliest I tend to be a lot more Dominant.I’ve always been this way with females in any situation but… it’s been fun being a switch, which surprises me. Looks like I broke another box ;)


So I’m taking a break from the 30 days meme. Life here has been interesting. Finally got medicine for my knee’s arthritis. I have had arthritis since I was 14 or so. Pregnancy had fixed it for a while but now it is back in full force in my left knee. It with the meds I’m doing better. Umm… More tomorrow I think.

RIP Nemo :’(

Today one of my fish died. He was a fancy (overbred) goldfish and he got is tail caught (an subsequently torn to shreds) twice today so…I did the merciful thing. Very sad. Still have 3 others… Poppy, SharkBait and Arianna. But I am quite sad about Nemo.