Catching Up.

So I’ve not posted in forever and decided to change that post haste. Our ever-changing dynamic has, well changed. We have both grown more comfortable with our roles and life is much better for it. Our household has gone through a rule change: for 1/2 hour after every meal all 3 of us clean. This includes our toddler. Varying success right now, but I’m glad we have come to the realization that I may be submissive but I am still only human and can’t both work and be the only one doing housework. House hubby/Master needs to help and our kid needs to learn to help, too.
Kink-wise I recently found that I LOVE being slapped in the face. Confusing to me but I will go with it. Master just needs to miss my ears (cuz…ow.) We’ve been finding more playtime which means less sex sometimes but equally fullfilling (if not more) experiences. I am one happy kitty!

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