Monthly Archives: February 2015

on butts

Master and I ran into an old…. friend yesterday . And has always had a brush on me so… whilst I was leading these two around they were well behind me commenting on my, well, behind and it got me thinking on my relationship with my butt. I have always liked my rear, or at least since I’ve had an opinion on it and I think that started in the fifth grade.
I am a (very) white girl… as in glow-in-the-dark white. In the fifth grade I hung out with 3 black girls and one day my friend Ashley said, “Most white people have flat butts but you, you have a nice half a globe” pretty much out of nowhere. I guess I took this to heart because even in middle school when “Baby Got Back” came out it gave me reason to be proud of what my momma gave me as it were.
Now have a big butt comes in handy, as Master has more to spank. So no, I am not your skinny girl but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

on kneeling

THERE I was- kneeling at work.
I was washing the slicer rails in the deli where I work. These rails start at roughly knee height and go to about the floor,so kneeling made sense. Otherwise I’d be squatting it up-side down. But I reflected then about kneeling and it’s sanctity. One usually only kneels at a religous service or if submissive, at the feet of one’s Dom(me). Some would say this, too is a type of religion. And I guess, in a way, I was serving a master at that time… work. The master who pays me for my service ,which in turn helps me serve my family by being able to support them. Just a glimpse of insight, I suppose.

Catching Up.

So I’ve not posted in forever and decided to change that post haste. Our ever-changing dynamic has, well changed. We have both grown more comfortable with our roles and life is much better for it. Our household has gone through a rule change: for 1/2 hour after every meal all 3 of us clean. This includes our toddler. Varying success right now, but I’m glad we have come to the realization that I may be submissive but I am still only human and can’t both work and be the only one doing housework. House hubby/Master needs to help and our kid needs to learn to help, too.
Kink-wise I recently found that I LOVE being slapped in the face. Confusing to me but I will go with it. Master just needs to miss my ears (cuz…ow.) We’ve been finding more playtime which means less sex sometimes but equally fullfilling (if not more) experiences. I am one happy kitty!