((cat)) pt 1

She wakes up in a strange room. It look like your every-day living room, except… bars are in front of her. She realizes she is an a dog crate. A quick assessment shows that she has straps keeping her knees bent, socks of some sort attached to her hands and… a tail? Hmm.
A lovely woman strides into the room, bending over to expose a lovely view off cleavage. “hey lil cat. Are you ready to come out? No talking now.”
She is confused but crawls out of the cage when it is opened, mewing a question.
“Oh sweetie, maybe you don’t remember but you signed up for this. A sort of retreat?” A well-manicured hand scritches the top of her head. “To discover yourself?.” And at that the woman sashays over to the armchair and sits.
She wanders around the room, noting a basket full of kitty toys. Using her hand as a paw she begins to bat at some yarn. “good cat. We should get along just fine!”

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